Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Global warming. custom cabinets

Today was abnormally hot for March, global warming? No one knows for sure, but I can tell you one thing burning more oil than the great lakes have water- that's a lot of exhaust going into the atmosphere.... it makes one wonder. I just finished building a beautiful island cabinet out of white oak. I also built several other cabinets for the same job. I used Blum, "Tandem Plus" for the drawer slides as they are some of the finest hardware available. It seems there are lot's of small jobs out there, so I am going to take a pass on the big ones for know, as people still think they can get an incredible deal from contractors to the point of getting something fo free... almost. I'll bet there will be a lot of litigation from all the shoddy work that is being done these days for such a great price. Remember " The sweet taste of a low price leaves the mouth as soon as the bitterness of a crummy job set's in. Zenbuilder out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad customers, deceitful people.

Hi! It's already March and I have been real busy, and seeing as how I am basically a one man show- I haven't blogged in over a fortnight. Now that I am back I am going to do something totally different, I'm going to share my true thoughts with the world come hell or high water! During the last year of this tough economy I have been basically used by unscrupulous people to give them itemized bids for their jobs, when they basically had no intention of hiring me ( In many cases.) - they just wanted some free financial analysis. This is similar to getting the architect to create elevations for free- before he or she is hired. Read my lips, this is not going to ever happen again! It's one thing to give a free estimate, and quite another to spends hours and hours for free. To all you people who think your clever by manipulating eager contractors to give you their time and hard work for free- why don't you have a drink of Jones- Town coolaid.... on me. like I said, the gloves are coming off now.... embrace the truth people!