Friday, November 19, 2010

The gate of your life.

Behind this gate is a passage, your life can be transformed once you go through it.

Are you afraid to pass your being to the otherside.. there's really nothing to it.

Intuition, sentience, your whole life is just a block of time,

use it wisely, or waste it there is no reason or ryhme.

It's just you passing through gates, some of which you fail to see,

If you could open your mind's eye and fly....just like me.

I know you can, just place your fingers on the gate,

hurry know ... there's no time to wait.

The threshold of a new spiritual age awaits you... just on the other side,

a rebirth of unimanginable wonder in wich you can reside.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Custom bathrooms.

Hey all you blogo-viches what's a clacka-lackan? Today I'm strictly "hip-hip" in the Gehtto-fied venacular- I'z simply spectacular! I just finished this fresh-ass remodel down by the seaside and what not. Oh it's all that and a bag of chips... dogs and dogettes, I mean it's fo shizzle izzle dizzle! The funny thing was as soon as it was final painted the designer said hey i don't like the color. That made my so mother clucken made, I'z about to "shake the baby", then I'z like cool down brother man.... it's all good- we'll just change the color, and ha! dat's what weed did. Now that crib is lookin fatt-ass sweet! Peace-out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday morning.

Monday mornings are stupid. I mean just when you need the least stress you have the most- the start of a new work week, kid's going to school after a fun weekend. (they are always moody.) Metermaids seem to be a little more zealous in their ticketing at the start of the week, you know how it is with quota's. Mondays should be switched with Wednesday, and Friday switched with Monday. that way Tuesday and Thursday could have some breathing room and everyone would feel a lot better if the work week started on Friday. When the middle of the week came, and we are all numb and mindless from working hard to make it through the hump day then who would care that it's Monday anyways? The best part of this plan is when Wednesday comes and you realize it's not the middle of the week, but actually the begining of the weekend! Genius!