Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A first blog

First of all I would like to welcome myself to the blogosphere, thank you so much- no really I mean it! I am the Zenbuilder now i can feel it! I am 44 years old and i have been doing construction more than half of my life. You may say wow I bet your body is wasted and you are really burn't out. Ah contrar my friends I feel like a million f'n bucks because hard work makes you strong, i'm in the best shape of my life. Your body and mind are muscles they need to be exercised on a regular basis. well enough of that b.s. the reason I set up this blog site is so i can connect with people about custom home building, which is what I do. I have done many challenging projects of a mostly custom nature and I look forward to discussing and relating to all kinds of things related to custom home building. My field of study is not limited to just building however, for i am a expert surfer, motocross rider, snowboarder, and skateboarder- though recently after sustaining a mild concussion on a half pipe ramp I built for my boys i don't skate that much. Anyways this is my first blog, do you remember your first blog? was it special? Currently I am finishing one spectacular craftsman house ( My specialty) and a gorgeous tuscan style medeteranean pad. Shit happens everyday in the wonderful world of construction some good, some bad, some interesting, some boring. Just remember this- all people who live with their eyes open never stop learning. thanks I feel like Iv'e had a pretty good first blog, I guess you could call it a flog.