Monday, January 26, 2009

Custom vanity cabinet.

We''ll hello there it's been six days since my last transmission. This is supposed to be a daily blog and it is, only some days are longer than others henceforth the seemingly long intervals between my blogs become perceptible depending on how one interprets... I have been working on the cabinet and in fact the drawers are finished and everything has been primered twice. (Zinser water-based primer.) I have also received the drawer hardware which is Blum "Tandem Plus" drawer slides bottom mount with "Blumotion". What is Blumotion you ask? It is a slide system that allows the drawer to fully extend effortlessly, and when you push the drawer back into the cabinet it automatically stops about 1" outside the front of the cabinet opening, then retracts back into the cabinet unassisted by the homeowner/operator. This type of hardware is standard on my projects as it project the kind of quality we love to do. By the way the cabinet body is made of birch ply, and the face frame is traditionally glued and doweled, and is made of poplar wood. These materials are available at your local lumber yard or home improvement center. Thank you and goodnight- Zenbuilder.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buildin a vanity cabinet.

Good morning! Today we are going to continue working on the vanity cabinet. I am placing to orders for the project- one is for 5 pair of precision drawer slides (Blum with brakes.) the other for 7 drawer fronts and 4 doors. Like most cabinet shops I order my doors and drawer fronts from a specialist company that makes them to my specs. I will also purchase my sinks and two faucets in advance so that everything is on hand before we remove the existing vanity. This is the way organized people do things- fast and correct. Total time for completion from time of demo will be three days, so stay tuned as this unfolds. Yours truly Zenbuilder.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Craftsman Brackets.

O.K. it's a new day and a new chance to make exciting things happen! Yesterday I installed some custom "Craftsman- Brackets" at the Forte house a completed project as seen on my website. Ya know I had forgotten just how beautiful that house is- what a masterpiece! ( Nothing like tooting your own horn.) It's nice to revisit completed projects and think,"I was part of this" knowing that if a house is maintained properly it will last several lifetimes. I'm happy to report my preliminary drawings have been approved for the vanity cabinet project. That's right the big boss lady after a certain amount of trepidation, consternation, and genuine concern....hmmmm, and then she said o.k. So today after finishing bid #1 I will procure the proper materials and commence fabrication of aforementioned van-cab. Lastly every surfer in southern California is anticipating the big swell this weekend- so forget about sharks, rocks, riptides and kelp, just watch out for other surfers..... and remember always surf near a manned lifeguard station!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy holidays and happy new year! It's been a long time since I last blogged. All throughout the holiday season I have been working on my own property cause when a contractor has spare time- that's what we do. Today I am designing a new bathroom vanity that will have ten drawers and two sinks. (It will replace an existing vanity of the same dimensions.) A plan must be drawn up and approved by the "boss of bosses" - my wife. Believe me she is my toughest customer, she is picky and takes a long time to make her mind up. Concurrently i am bidding two large projects and have on the table a plan for a four unit apartment building. This building will be built by my company and owned by a L.L.C. partnership called P.R.P. (Premiere Rental Properties) Regardless of the economic situation there are more people every day and everyone needs a place to live. Remember in tough times the three basic necessities must be met- food, shelter, and clothing. And don't forget health and entertainment, they're important to. Thats all for now! Hey by the way thanks for all the great comments.