Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wizard wands.

Today after work i will begin to construct a wizard-wand. Being a mystic, I know that the proper wand first must contain a natural energy, ( Good or bad) i will search for only positive energy wood, as I have no intention of dealing in the dark-arts. ( too scary!) If any person out there knows where I may obtain wood with incredibly positive energy let me know, I just might make two- one for me and one for you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A brave new world.

Hello this is the zenbuilder coming at ya! Don't worry my message is all about positive energy. Please rest assured no animals were harmed in making this Blog. Yesterday i replaced a front door whose bottom structure was so rotted it was beyond belief. After I removed the rotted oak wood threshold I discovered a biologists dream. There was an entire ecosystem living in, under, and around the decomposing sill. This community included various types of spiders, ants, and other smaller insects that only a trained expert could positively identify. The largest creatures encountered in this slimy little settlement were a pair of worms that were at the lowest point, seemingly thriving off the waste, refuse, and multi-layered, saturated organic matter. You I was actually a little sad to have to be the one to destroy this self-sufficient, zero carbon footprint, village under the door for as it says in the Baghavad Gita- all life is precious. Peace and grace be yours in abundance.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Remodel houses

Hello everybody! Did you miss me? Well I have been busy doing some remodeling and branching out into the home services business. My new company is called "Precision Home Services" We specialize in repairs, installation, honey-do lists and the like. I am still a custom builder, but like I said before when clients are getting 10 bids on a project in order to get the absolute lowest price, I'm usually not interested. So I am waiting untill a good job comes along, one where my talents can be better utilized and appreciated. So while I wait and search, I thought I would launch a new company and capture some of the small job market. Thanks for all the support.